⭐Our Exclusive SALE ENDS SOON⭐ EXTRA Discount CODE "FINAL"🎁
⭐Our Exclusive SALE ENDS SOON⭐ EXTRA Discount CODE "FINAL"🎁
Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW]
Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW]
Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW]
Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW]
Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW] - Madeofrose

Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear [NEW]


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**Beware Of Fake Copies**

Tiffany Rose Bear

We offer exclusive Tiffany rose bear in light blue color to you at an affordable price. These rose teddy bear is an elegant and beautiful gift for others to a special occasion. But this is not necessary that you give this Tiffany rose bear on a special occasion.

Exclusive Tiffany Rose Bear


The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays or any other occasion that warrants such a unique and precious gift for your loved ones. Every single rose teddy bear is handcrafted and ready to make your special someone very happy.
We believe love is never fleeting, so your gifts shouldn’t be either. With our Luxury Rose Bear, we offer an elegant, luxurious way to create lasting moments with the people you cherish most. Not just once, but every day, all year.


  • Unique and Luxurious Interior Decoration Piece

  • Each piece is one-of-a-kind, completely handmade from scratch, NOT sold in any stores (Beware of imitations and fakes)

  • Never fails to make a girl’s face light up with joy

  • Smells Great, Lasts Forever

  • Size: 40*30cm/13.8*11.8 in

  • Weight: 290g (0.64 lbs)

  • Color: Various

  • Each Rose Bear contains more than 500 roses.

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