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5 Different Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship

5 Different Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship

The daily hurdles of life have the capacity of affecting your relationship, stress from work and other things can take a great toll on your life and relationships.

This can make you give less and less time to attend to your relationship and your partner, this could have resulted in your relationship hitting the rocks.

When this happens some people tend to give up, break up, and leave the relationship, it is not necessary to break up because you can still spice up and revive your relationship.

You can get in touch with who you were when you fell in love and know why you still cherish your partner.

A relationship can hit the rocks no matter the length of time you have both spent together, from decades to months. It is imperative that you try to sustain some level of spice in your relationship.

It is good to be stable and routine in a relationship but this can lead to boredom and lethargy in the relationship, it would be good to shake things up a bit in your relationship to break the boredom. 

You do not necessarily need to do big things to revive and spice your relationship, simply incorporating some relationship electrifying activities and measures in your relationship would go a very long way.

Buying gifts like Rose bear, Rose teddy bear, Galaxy rose and Rose in glass dome could be what you need to spice up your relationship and revive it if it has hit the rocks.

Ways to Revive and Spice up Your Relationship

Here are some ways to revive and spice up your relationship, these ways will not take a lot of money or time but is sure to reignite some lost passion or spice in your relationship.


this might seem like a no brainer but many couples often forget to communicate properly. Communication is not just about talk but is more about understanding what is said. When your relationship is hitting the rocks communicating as much as possible is one of the easiest ways of reviving your relationship.

Doing this would help both of you work through a lot of the things affecting your relationship, those things that happened in the past and misunderstandings you are having in the present will be vented out.

If you vent through proper communication, it can give you a feeling of relief from any ill-feeling or frustration you might have towards your relationship or partner.

You might think communicating this openly would hurt your relationship further and probably avoided communicating well.

Not communicating is more likely to hurt your relationship than communicating properly. When your relationship hits the rocks talking usually helps all the parties involved.

If you do not communicate properly with each other you might assume offenses that are not there, communication is a balm to relationships and has no substitute.

As your relationship progresses you might stop communicating as much as you did when you started, you might start to assume that you know each other better and some things are better left unsaid.

This, to you, might seem sensible but it can lead to the slow decline of the spice in your relationship.

The less you communicate properly, the less connected you tend to feel towards each other. The longer you do not communicate properly with each other, the more you drift apart.

This has led to the death of many relationships without the couples knowing. You hear things like “she does not talk to me anymore”, “I feel like I am living with a stranger”, “we have grown apart", these are often symptoms of a relationship that the partners do not communicate well enough.

So just implement some proper communication solutions into your relationship and watch your relationship get better. Some active listening and truthful response might be all you need.

Dedicate time

after spending months or years with each other couples might feel that they do not have to do much to sustain the relationship, they might start to give less and less time to each other and the relationship.

You and your partner might be overtaken by the routines of life and start to neglect each other. If your relationship means something to you then you should give it time, dedicate time to it so that you do not kill it due to lack of nurturing.

No matter the stage of your relationship you still need to dedicate time to it, fight the tendency to get swept up by work and other things in your life at the expense of your relationship.

The less time you give to something, the more likely it is for that thing to fail and the less like it is for you to gain mastery in that thing.

By simply concentrating more on your partner and the relationship you have and investing in the growth of your relationship you can rescue your relationship from death.

It is advisable that you give more focus to your personal life because this is usually where romantic relationships exist, try to leave work at the right time instead of taking on extra needless shifts or pulling unnecessary all-nighters.

Spending more quality time with who you are in a relationship with can spice up and revive your erstwhile dying relationship. It is advisable that you avoid parties and occasions where you cannot go with your partner, leaving your partner to go to a party can be detrimental to your relationship.

Both of you should engage in more activities where you would be together and flourish. We all know that with dedication time can heal wounds and cure ailments, but you have to be deliberate about spending quality time with each other.


do you remember when your relationship started and you would plan dates, go on dates with each, bond and have fun during those dates, Do you ever ask yourself what happened to those days?

Most couples stop going on dates regularly once their relationship starts getting strong, they tend to forget that going on dates contributed to the relationship getting strong.

They start to feel secure in their acquisition of each other and start neglecting to do the ‘little' things that brought them this far.

We are not saying that your relationship should not evolve, but do not forget your roots. Dates make relationships exciting, from the planning of it, the preparation for it to the execution of it, dates can load up spice into your relationship, it can give it that spark that might have been dying.

If you want to revive your relationship or add spice to it we advise that you start going on dates again. Go on dinner, lunch and even breakfast dates at different times, explore new restaurants around or even drive far for that special date.

On your dates you can give each other lovely gifts like Rose bear, Galaxy rose, Rose teddy bear, and Rose in a glass dome. This can be a sign of how much you still value each other and how dedicated you still are to each other.

Going on dates can remove boredom from your relationship and infuse it with a ton of fresh excitement and shake your relationship out of monotony.

This way of reviving and spicing up your relationship is very effective, even if you cannot afford elaborate dates you can plan something budget-friendly. Go to that street food stand and have yourselves a lovely time, plan, and have a date at home, you can even make your meals together.

There are many budget-friendly ways to do this.


Spice up Your Relationship



it is known that without effort couples tend to have less sex with each other as their relationship progress and ages. This can be very detrimental to the success of your relationship as less intimacy can translate to breakups.

As we get busy with life we might return home too exhausted for any form of meaningful intimacy. Being deliberate about intimacy with your partner can spice up your relationship and revive it from the brink of death, talk more about sex, and have more sex with your spouse.

Plan your time adequately so that you can have enough energy and desire to be intimate with each other. Explore more in sex, try new positions, communicate more during sex, try to know how your spouse feels about your sex sessions. Doing this simple thing can be the difference between a vibrant relationship and a failing one.


communication requires you to listen, listen not just to reply but to understand and empathize. If you do not listen to your partner’s yearnings and words your relationship will fail.

When you both talk and no one listen you have not communicated, it is very important that you carefully listen to your partner if you care about them, their wellbeing, and your relationship.

Do not race to conclude when you have not heard all your partner has to say, when you do this you would find solutions to things ailing your relationships, things that might be simple but burns to the very core of your relationship.

Simply having a partner that you are confident that they listen to you is a spice in any relationship because this can always be a great foundation for things to always grow.


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