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How to Plan Your Relationships Anniversary

How to Plan Your Relationships Anniversary


To find the right person and starting a good and stable relationship is quite intriguing. This is part of the reasons it is important to mark and celebrate significant points in the relationship, one of these points is the anniversary. When this time comes for this, the focus is not so much about the number of years that you have spent together but rather about the fact that you are still together and would love to mark the occasion. This occasion allows you to appreciate each other, reminisce, have fun, focus more on each other, reinvigorate your relationship if needed, and plan about the future. Take a break from the busyness of life and maximize the event.

You can choose to celebrate your anniversary in a number of ways, you can go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner, you could buy gifts like Rose bear, Rose teddy bear, Galaxy rose, Rose in glass dome for each other, or you could choose to celebrate in a number of other ways that we are going to explore in this article. How to plan your relationship anniversary could be dependent on the uniqueness of your relationship or your partner, or both. 

The more mature your relationship is the more the likelihood that your anniversaries are going to be less memorable, you could even forget that it is your anniversary. If you are married and have children the likelihood of you forgetting your anniversary increases exponentially. For the sake of your relationship, it is imperative that you cherish the important moments and milestones of your relationship such as anniversaries. This would give you a great chance to make great memories, show love to your partner, and improve the bond you share. One of the easiest ways to make an anniversary memorable is to do something new, exciting, and fun. This would expand the range of things you can do together as a couple. We all know that boredom is deadly to relationships when you seek and acquire novel experiences with the person you are in a relationship with it can help tighten your bond as you would have these new memories together, imagine how exciting it would be to make great new memories with your partner. 

As we share with you these ways of planning your relationship's anniversary always keep in mind that smiling and being positive about the activities you engage in during your anniversary is a great way to enjoy your anniversary. It is advisable that you try not to argue on that day, try to stick to celebrating the love you share and the beauty of your relationship. 

Planning Your Anniversary 

The possible things you could do and plans you could have for your anniversary could depend greatly on the place and nature of the activity you want to engage it. If you would stay indoors, if you want to get away or if you want to get new experiences, or if you want a combination of any of these; your plan would have to adapt accordingly. 

Staying In 

There are a lot of things you could do if you want to stay in on your anniversary, some of them are:

  • No Technology Evening: to commemorate your relationship’s anniversary you could dispel with the use of technology for the even and probably spend the night playing board games. With the constant use of technological devices like phones a relationship could suffer from poor physical communication, making the rule to just hanging with each other without phones or computers around could give your anniversary evening special spice.
  • Indoor beer and winemaking: if you are in a relationship that you both enjoy having drinks together, you could have a day of drinks-making. Prepare adequately for this and see how exciting it would be to share this on such a special day.
  • Learning new things about each other: this is a fun anniversary plan, you could get to know each other better, ask questions with an open mind, and answer them truthfully. This could help strengthen your already strong relationship, help both of you get more intimate and share deep things with each other.
  • Lazy day anniversary: this type of plan involves you and your partner having a proper lazy day together. You could be together all day in the house, have breakfast together in your bed, take naps in each other's arms, go to the kitchen, and cook together. All these could give you a most memorable anniversary. 
  • Dancing day anniversary: if you and your partner are dance lovers or not, you could spend the day dancing together at home, play songs and learn dance routines together. This would create very strong memories that you would look back upon and be very happy, and you could learn some impressive dance moves. 
  • Search open houses, house shows and try to acquire the house of your dreams together: this is a great way to go about your anniversary, as you reminisce you can plan for the future. Search for your dream house together and agree to acquire, this can be exciting as it would show how serious you are about each other and being with each other in the future. 
  • Order and have a special meal: your anniversary is a good day to try that unique meal or dessert you have always wanted to have, this can make it all the more special to you.
  • Your couple's playlist: your anniversary is a very good day to get your favorite songs together and form a playlist. This would be a special playlist that would be representative of the songs you loved together at a point in your relationship. You could make this a tradition and enjoy it together. 
  • Love story writing: you could each write the history of your relationship, merge it, and form a beautiful love story. You could share this with family and friends or read it to each other, or use it as a reminder of the great love you share.
  • House decoration: this is also an exciting anniversary plan, you could give your house a makeover on your anniversary and create a special ambiance for your in-home anniversary activities. 

Getting Away 

Your anniversary plans could be centered around getting away and having anniversary fun. If this is the case, here are some suggestions for you: 

  • A trip during the day to unique spots: on your anniversary you and your partner could take trips to unique spots around the city and have meals or drinks there. This can zhuzh up things in your relationship as you would see and appreciate these lovely places together while you enjoy meals and drinks. 
  • Go for a drive: to you, this might seem like a boring activity to engage in on your anniversary, but this can be very exciting to do; it can open other parts of your State or city to you, help you appreciate life better and help you appreciate each other. It could also be a sort of marking the environment and personalizing it.
  • Camping: it can be great spending time in the great outdoors, camping, away from the noise and hubbub of life; just you and your partner communing with nature. This activity can help you get the best anniversary ever as you both learn to work together and sleep under the stars. Camping can also be fun and filled with a lot of activities you can do as a couple.
  • Train trip: you could go to the train station, hop on a train and go with it to wherever and back. This would not be stressful as train trips can be very fun, you could have meals on the train, look at the scenes the train passes. You could make it as fun as you want it to be.
  • Vacation: you could travel far for your anniversary, go on a vacation, go to some Caribbean island and have the time of your life. Prepare adequately and make your anniversary as beautiful and memorable as it could possibly be.
  • Go to a new city: your anniversary could be the perfect time for your partner and you to travel to that city or state you have always wanted to visit, explore, and make great memories. A new city can open your minds to numerous possibilities and prospects for your relationship. 
  • Go to a cabin and experience the beauty of nature together. 
  • Go to a festival: you could spend your anniversary at a festival trying new and exciting meals together, absorbing a new culture or just simply celebrating each other.

New Experiences 

There are a ton of new things you can do together, your anniversary could be the perfect opportunity to do these things. You could have a tradition of trying new things together every anniversary. You could try:

  • Sky diving.
  • Hot air balloon journeys. 
  • Scuba diving. 
  • Spelunking.
  • Snorkeling. 
  • Hiking. 
  • Mountain climbing. 

There are many things to choose from.


No matter what you do on your anniversary just try to celebrate each other, your union, the time you have spent together. It is a form of saying you love your partner and you thank them.

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