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TOP 10 Gifts to Send Your Loved Ones Separated by COVID-19

TOP 10 Gifts to Send Your Loved Ones Separated by COVID-19

Being socially isolated is quite hard for a lot of people. No matter how introverted you are or you feel to be, there has got to be a struggle from you being cut off from everyone outside by the pandemic.

If one gets lucky, they could simply walk occasionally or sit around outside. But what happens to a loved one who isn’t able to walk out of their homes at all.

That struggle is completely different from the ones we as simple people have been facing all through this pandemic.

This article would show you 10 lovely gifts you can send to your loved ones as you’ve been separated all through this pandemic. 

10 Gifts you could send to your loved ones you’ve been separated from by COVID-19

  • You could send an already made meal kit and a Galaxy rose which would help ease cooking and make your love felt 

    You could use this meal kit to help your loved one feel better, and the galaxy rose to show your affections towards your loved one. The meal-kit would help them save funds by preventing them from ordering pizzas all the time. 

    meal kit and a Galaxy rose

  • You could send your loved ones a lovely audio-book and a Preserved Rose in glass

    The audio-book would help sleepy and sick minds engaged while the preserved rose in glass would be a reminder that you care. 

    The songs from this audio-book should be the types your loved one would enjoy. This would prevent you from waiting in line for your loved ones to get what they desire.

    Imagine trying to feel happy during the pandemic and you look at your preserved rose in glass. Knowing time and season wouldn’t wither the love your loved one has for you. 

    Your loved one would enjoy the audio-book because with the preserved rose in glass, they could curl up in their blankets and enjoy listening to them.

    This is why both of them combined are perfect gifts to be given to your loved one that you’re separated from in this pandemic. 

  • A gaming console and a Luxury Rose Bear
  • Though your friend is far away, you could still see them online battling with you or both of you fighting together to defeat evil.

    If you gift a faraway loved one a gaming console and you add a luxury rose bear to it, they could hold this new friend of theirs while they are playing with the console and have you on their thoughts the entire time.

    It would feel like you are by their right-hand side as they kick some ass. 


    Luxury Rose Bear


  • Send them a plant for them to watch it grow and a Luxury Rose panda

    This is a great gift to send to your loved one that isn’t close by. To make them feel we all are still growing and living, even in the presence of a lot of deaths happening close by.

    It would be nice to follow this up with a luxury rose panda, to hug your loved one in your absence. 

    Plants they say enjoy it when you have conversations with them. So does rose pandas.

    So if you are the only one at home and you tend to talk a lot, the presence of plants and teddy bears around could be the cause. 

  • Help in delivering services and when the groceries get delivered, you add an Exclusive pearl rose bear. 

    This would help in making the life of your loved one simpler and easier. Getting groceries delivered has been quite difficult these days.

    It would be wise if you help your loved one get theirs delivered and added with a little love by sending a pearl rose bear. They would be excited about your presents. Trust me. 

    Your loved one would need help grocery shopping because that's one of the fastest places to contract the virus. Especially if your loved one has been quarantined and they absolutely can't leave the house.

    You can help by investing in some grocery delivery services and help in solving issues faced by your loved one. They wouldn’t forget the bear that came with their groceries. It would serve as their assistant chef while they are making their meals. 

  • Virtual games, puzzles and board games backed up with a Luxury Rose Bear new style

    Your loved one would be bored most of the time. Especially if they are quarantined to stay at home and they can't even take a step out of the house.

    If your loved one is spending most hours at home, then it'll be extremely nice to get the puzzles, virtual games, board games, and luxury rose bear new style which serves as a mixture of all these games themes and would be there with them as their partner while they play with the games you sent. 


    Luxury Rose Bear new style


    Games like Jack-box are really fun. It can be played with friends and family that are both far and near.

    Hugging your Luxury Rose Bear new style while your loved one's play games you sent would be a great feeling. Other games that could be gotten include Dr-awful.

    This is a Pictionary-Esque, goofy game that requires players to perform prompts which shows on the screens of their mobile devices and for them to tell the idea that's being shown. 

    For conventional loved ones, they would enjoy board games better. This would help them enjoy it with other members of their homes.

    Don't forget to get the Luxury Rose Bear new style for everyone around. So each one would have their partners. 

  • Send them a box filled with quality lotion set and luxury rose heart 

    We all need to have quality lotions that we would use to pamper our bodies so we would feel good, during, before, and after this pandemic would come to an end.

    It would feel nice to send your loved ones these lotions backed up with a Luxury Rose heart for it to be by their side as they pamper themselves with the lotions you sent. Nobody wants to reach the end of the pandemic with hands that are not looking smooth. 

  • Send plants to make an indoor herb garden and Galaxy rose with luxury pink box

    Sending them plants to grow a herb garden is a present that keeps on giving, just like the galaxy rose that’ll be in a luxurious pink box 

    There's nothing better than growing your very own fresh herbs. You would be getting fresh herbs and you'll not have to store so much.

    You can make wonderful soups and your loved ones would enjoy these herbs from their gardens properly. This would help your loved one make everywhere around a little bit green.

    And it would aid in reducing the feeling of boredom by making them take care of something. Not forgetting the Galaxy rose with a luxury pink box, the goal of this is to show your love to your friend that is trapped in quarantine.

    This life in the pandemic could be unknown, but it’ll be nice to know there are plants close by that depend on you for them to survive. These would be the thoughts on the mind of your loved one, as they hold on to the Galaxy rose with a luxury pink box. 

  • The gift of free laundry and a Preserved Rose In Glass Dome + Gift Box
  • No one misses the laundromat this time of year. But this doesn’t mean you can’t pay for the laundry of your loved ones to be done. This is wonderful for loved ones who don’t have a laundry unit in their apartments.

    You could send your loved ones a gift card with a Preserved Rose In Glass Dome + Gift Box. They would feel excited their dirty laundry would be handled and they'll have a second other gifts they would love and adore in your absence. 

    Preserved Rose In Glass Dome + Gift Box
  • Our favorite weighted blanket for some serious rest and a Luxury Rose Bunny
  • We would all love to enjoy the hug of a luxurious rose bunny. This isn’t just because it’s been a very long time someone else hugged us, but just to feel the love this rose bunny has to offer. 

    Luxury Rose Bunny

    You could send these weighted blankets and these rose bunnies. It would give your loved one the exact type of comfort they deserve and desire.

    It works very well for family members and friends or lovers who get anxiety during the pandemic or for those that start freaking out.

    Everyone would enjoy hugging this rose bunny as they sleep during the quarantine or as they watch movies. Trust me, you’ll be in their thoughts. 

    These are the 10 Gifts to Send Your Loved Ones Separated by COVID-19. Whenever you miss them so, just send them one of these, we’re very sure they would love them very much with all of their hearts. 

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